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Yes, Alfa Romeo is a car, but it is not your usual typical everyday vehicle. Each one of their cars is basically a masterpiece. It is considered as a work of art! It has everything you need from its design, aesthetics, beauty and functionality. With each model that you may find, you can see that it has been inspired by Italian cars. With just the name itself, you will know how unique it is and will expect a good car from them. The name itself already stands out amongst other cars. Here are also a few things that you need to know about Alfa Romeo.

Alfa Romeo has been founded by a French businessman and when the company started, they had two different type of car models, but it wasn't that successful at first and was said to be discontinued. Though this failure did not stop them after. After their first ever production, they move their production facility to Milan and that was where they continued to do business. They decided to continue manufacturing and was given a new name which is Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili but in that same year of 1909, their Alfa Romeo logo was created then became the basic symbol and trademark or the brand. If you have a look into your logo, you can see that it has been inspired by Milan. Check out more about Alfa Romeo Canada.

After Alfa Romeo was founded, they also started motor racing right away and has been considered as one of the most successful brands when it comes to automobile sports history. After a couple of years, then presented an even better model when it comes to racing cars but then suddenly World War I happened then everything was put to a stop until the company was bought and saved by a businessman from Naples. After the company was bought, they produced aircraft engines and military products which saved the company. The company's name was then changed to Alfa Romeo and has returned to car manufacturing after a couple of years. After decades of business failures and success, we can still find Alfa Romeo available for us. They now have sports cars available and they surely have sleek and simple designs but has the right functionality that can surely match your luxurious everyday needs. All their models have been designed carefully up until now and many of their card specializes in sports performance. Know more also about Alfa Romeo Giulia Canada.

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